Ummmm……what are we talkin about?

…….well, here goes nothing. I have only recently started reading blogs and always thought they were great for my artsy (you know who you are) and/or single friends. But the idea of a married father of two/corporate sales guy having a blog just never made since to me. MySpace/Facebook…you got a better chance of finding me at a Wayne Newton fan appreciation luncheon. Since I graduated college and went into the corporate world, my wit and comedic humor have followed the direct inverse path of my waistline. My writing skills are relegated to emails typed on a 1 inch keyboard (thank you Blackberry) and generally contain the words fiber optic dispersion loss, resource arbitration processors and there effect on packet bandwidth, and detailed descriptions of how flux capacitors work.

Well, guess what, things change as is evident by all the changes in my life happening right now. And regardless of my writing skills, a blog just seems like a fitting place to share with others all the amazing things that God is doing in the life of my family. Besides, Sarah (my forever love) will probably end up doing must of the blogging.

As a result of all of this change, I (meaning we, meaning Sarah and I) have decided to enter the blog world starting today! Epic I know, life changing for you….I doubt it. Life changing for us, possibly.

So here is the plan in a nutshell…………(those dots are added for effect, basically reading silence, and I do that a lot when I type)…..this blog is going to serve as a chronicle for those interested in some major happenings in the Hyatt household. It will be less about my thoughts on the presidential race, global warming, and whether or not old people should be allowed to drive. It will be more about adoption, Haiti, missions, giving, sacrifice, and how all those things are impacting each step my family is about to make.

So here is the announcement, my beautiful bride and family of 2, have decided to adopt (2)! I can’t begin to express the great joy, great fear, and great peace that have come with making this decision. I will spend more time over the coming weeks detailing this new calling we have decided to accept, the road God has taken us down to get here, but for now, let this serve as our proclamation to the world that the Hyatt family will some day soon grow from “four 2 six”! Did you catch the blog title reference there…..don’t miss it otherwise you will forever be wondering what the heck “four 2 six” means.

More information will be forthcoming, but for now, know we need your prayers, prayers, prayers! Pray that Sarah and I will trust God in this calling. Pray that we will allow Him to guide our steps. Pray for our kids, the ones already with us and the ones that God is already preparing to unite us with.

8 Responses to “Ummmm……what are we talkin about?”

  1. minivanmoments Says:

    I am so amazed by the two of you!!! What a blessing! I will be in constant prayer for you two and the huge decission and sacrifice ya’ll are making to change lives forever. You are changing the world!

    Much love to both of you…..can we get together before ya’ll leave??


  2. Jake & Bitsy Says:

    Reminds us of a song. “Whereever He leads I’ll go, Whereever He leads I’ll go. I’ll follow my Christ who loves me so. WWhereever He leads I’ll go.
    And each night, as in the past, you are in our prayers to HIM.

  3. this makes me so happy!!!!

  4. I am doing a happy dance right here, right now. We need to chat. We passed through dallas tonight and I thought of you guys.

    Words do not do justice.

  5. Let me stop crying so I can write something…you guys are awesome!!! Our God is truly magnigicent!! He puts in our hearts things our heads would have never dreamed of in order to bless us and glorify Himself! What a beautiful testimony of lives sold out for Jesus. We will be praying for you. Also, we just can’t wait to photograph your family when you are six!

  6. i like it when you talk tech-talk. please include SOME of that in your blogging….
    DUDE — i COULDNT BE MORE EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS. we’re in it with you man. whatever we can do.

  7. van Ecks Says:

    Praise the Lord!!! We are so excited for you!! We’ll be praying!

  8. Aunt Peggy Says:

    Mission Trips always change your perspective on life. My love to the current 4 and also love and prayers for the 2 that are to come. You will never be sorry that you are doing God’s will.

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