So now you know the big news of adoption, ready for some more?

Well, in order to save enough money as fast as possible to bring our Haitian kids home, we have decided to sell our house here in Texas and move back in with my in-laws in Louisiana…..I’m sorry….I need a moment…. Ok, in fairness it is a nice two bedroom one bath guest home BEHIND my in-laws. But, none the less, I should probably go see a doctor and have my head examined.

Problem is, it isn’t a head issue, it is a heart issue. And my heart is telling me to sacrifice it all, what the world calls riches, and do everything in my power to bring my Haitian kids home as soon as possible. For some people raising money is the only option and for those I feel our calling is to help. But for us, if we are just willing to check our pride at the doorstep of our new two bedroom house, we will be able to save enough money to pay for our kids in about a year.

Once the adoptions are paid for and we are debt free, we will then start the process of finding a new home, with more than two bedrooms, to really become HOME, as our family goes from “four 2 six”.

By the way…..our current plan is for that HOME to be back in TEXAS!!!!!! Everyone together now…..”The Stars at night, are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas….” We will miss you!


19 Responses to “Sacrifice”

  1. yeah! jason and sarah!!! i am beyond thrilled to read your adoption news! it blesses my heart so much to see the lord harvesting this desire he’s placed in you. it’s the beginning of a beautiful journey and i’m excited to support you guys through it! keep us updated!

    and, um, i have NO idea what that texas song is all about… i’ve still got rocky top pumping through my veins!

  2. kimrhodes Says:

    Jason and Sarah….
    What an amazing journey you have started. I am so excited for you guys. I love your blog title. How perfect. Congrats! Praying for you and supporting you all the way to Haiti and back!!!!!

  3. chrystalg Says:

    Congrats on your adoption decision!!! Marcus and I will pray for you along the way!

  4. Crystal Lord Says:

    Yes, yes, yes… I am so excited to see you following the call the Lord has placed on your life. What a sacrifice! I’m looking forward to seeing how God will grow us all through this journey. We can’t wait to have two new little ones in the family!

  5. I am seriously crying now.

  6. Mike & Amy Says:

    WOW, that is BIG, AWESOME news! What an amazing thing God is doing in your lives! We will so miss you all and will be praying for God’s favor for you in this process. Let us know how we can help – pack, watch the girls, whatever! Blessings in Christ!

  7. Jason Moore Says:

    Well, a blogging rookie here! Still not sure if I’m doing this right… We are so excited for you guys and will be praying for you. Our doors are always open to your family, whether 4 or 6. Come visit!

  8. Words can’t really describe what my heart feels. This will be an exciting journey for all of us and I feel blessed to be a part of it. We love you and Sarah so much!

  9. pretty sure that AUSTIN would be a great home after the kids are here!

  10. Ashley Hamm Says:

    David and I are incredibly proud of you two. This is such a big brave thing for you to do, exciting as it is. You have our full love, support, and prayers!

  11. Congratulations guys! We’re excited for you and wowed by your faith and courage. We’ll be praying for you and available to help with whatever you need. Love, T&T

  12. Mom and Dad Lord Says:

    We are overwhelmed (literally) but so excited to be a part of God’s plan. Taking one day at a time and praying fervently for you. Especially looking forward to having my babies home and watching this thing unfold over the next year. We are praying for our new grandchildren. We love you and you know you have our support for whatever may come.

    The “in-laws”

  13. hi! congratulations on your decition. I am alejandra, from argentina. I am adoptng a baby in haiti, too. the end of the process is very near, he is 13 months old and next month he will be home!
    check my blog

    congratulations again

  14. Ashley Farrell Says:

    WOW! So proud of you both! It is a really wonderful thing you are doing! My selfish side hates for you to leave Texas, but I know you will be back (with 2 new ones in tow). Can’t wait to meet them! Love y’all!

  15. dancemntn Says:

    Hey guys, thanks so much for just keeping us in the loop with your future plans and your techie blog. When can Sarah write? Just kidding! We just started our own blog too and you’ll have to check out our future plans when your head is not swirling too much. God is moving in Texas! I’m speechless about what you have opened your spirits up to and it’s just plain awesome!!!! Luv, Kim, Jeff and Parks

  16. van Ecks Says:

    What a terrible and wonderful step! We will definitely be praying for you; we are just SO excited about your commitment to our Lord, your hearts for Him, your new kids – this will all be so wonderful (even if it doesn’t seem wonderful at times…)! Please keep telling us how we can pray for you, and we will continue to support you, even from afar! But we’ll miss you a lot in Diakonos! Big time! We’re gonna be praying you back!
    Love, Roel and Robyn

  17. Troy and Crystal Harper Says:

    Wow! I am so excited for y’all! We will be glad to have you back in LA, even if it is only for a little while. Now, if you can only convince the others (Moreland’s, Moore’s, and Miletello’s) to come back home too! We can’t wait to see you all. What a blessing it will be for your precious new children to have such a great mom and dad (plus sisters)!

  18. I don’t know you, but just wanted to pop in and say congrats and welcome to the journey. My hubby and I are the process of adopting from Heartline Haiti.

  19. […] good sacrifice deserves another So if you read my post on Sacrifice then you know that Sarah and I felt the call to make some drastic changes in our living […]

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