The chicken or the egg….

So what comes first, the chicken or the egg? That has been the question we have been struggling to answer this week. Let me try to explain.

If you want to adopt in Haiti (or I suppose in general for that matter) you either fall in love with a particular orphan/child that God puts in your path and you pursue them OR you pick a particular orphanage/adoption agency and pray that God’s perfect will leads you to your children that way.

Several of our friends adopting from Haiti were drawn to their children first and they subsequently started the adoption journey. In this case, the EGG came first!

For us, God turned our hearts to Haiti and planted in us the desire to adopt children from there but we have not been introduced to our children yet. So we have to wade through all the orphanages and somehow determine which one is going to be the place that introduces us to our children. For us, it looks like the CHICKEN comes first!

Honestly, it is hard. Very hard. I am practically paralyzed by the enormity of this decision. It just seems like it would be easier if we “knew” which orphanage our children lived in.

We are learning a LOT about faith and trust in our Lord this week. We are choosing to trust that His will is perfect and that He will lead us to the orphanage (chicken) that He will use to ultimately introduce us to our kids (eggs).

4 Responses to “The chicken or the egg….”

  1. Wow!

    I will say it again. Wow!

    You two are amazing. I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah at ballet class, and also Claire and Bella. I am Hannah’s dad. And I believe we met briefly at the recital.

    I will personally keep you in my prayers, guided by the Holy Spirit.

    May God continue to richly bless you as you are a blessing to others.

  2. We feel in love with the orphanage first. Well, actually, the orphanage directors, to be specfic: John and Beth McHoul. We had plans to tour several orphanages, meet children, conduct interviews with directors, etc. But as soon as I met the McHoul’s, I knew I wanted our child to be cared for by them.

    Now we are matched, and God truly did lead us to the right child. No matter how it works for you, I’m sure this will be the case, too.

  3. Klein Family Says:

    You guys are incredible !! Your trust and faith is just amazing and an inspiration ! We will miss you, but will be praying for the ‘temporary Lousiana’ residents. Come home soon….we can’t wait to meet your new additions.

    Elizabeth Klein

  4. found your blog thru bush. we are a Haitian adoptive family, too. we just got our boys home nearly two weeks ago after a 2 year process. i am very happy for you and your family. i want to say your sacrifical living is a blessing to those who witness it and such a great testimony to our Father’s heart for the orphan.

    many blessings as you go through this incredible journey for His glory.

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