One good sacrifice deserves another

So if you read my post on Sacrifice then you know that Sarah and I felt the call to make some drastic changes in our living arrangements in order to save enough money to pay for our adoption as soon as possible. Some of that is still taking place; we are selling our beautiful house, moving to Louisiana, but NOT to the 2 bedroom guest house behind my in-laws.

You see, my in-laws decided to see our sacrifice and raise us another…..offering instead to move themselves to the smaller house and give us their house for as long as we need it! Amazing huh? What a selfless act inspired by love.

After some early research about Louisiana adoption/home study laws, Sarah and I were really worried about passing our homestudy for 2 additional kids in the 2 bedroom guest house. At the same time, we really felt God was calling us to make this move. But, it looks like God’s plans were bigger than our plans and he has already started to make a way. Faith and Trust….something I suspect we will be learning a lot about over the coming months.

I am continually reminded that this whole thing is not about me/us, but about them(four2six)/Him. It is amazing to me that God moves in others, orchestrating selfless acts of love, in order to fulfill His plan through us.

So everyone give major LOVE to Grandmommy and Granddaddy as we couldn’t do this without them!


2 Responses to “One good sacrifice deserves another”

  1. Thanks for sharing the testimony. This is awesome! I’m confident that God is ahead of you removing obstacles and hurdles. Please remember to share them when you see them. It builds my faith when I hear ’em.

  2. wow. That is some gracious love. I am so happy for you guys.

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