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“Tè a fatige”…”The earth is tired”

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I have been questioned many times now as to why Haiti is in the condition it is in…….big question for which I have a very very small answer. I am just learning the history of Haiti and all the “issues” the people and country are facing but this article sheds some light on some major agricultural issues that are having a compound affect on starvation in Haiti.

Dirt Poor – Haiti has lost its soil and the means to feed itself


The one?

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We have a family coming to look at our house tomorrow.  It will be their second visit this week; their first visit was on Tuesday.

We have had multiple visits from a family before that didn’t pan out but for some reason Sarah and I both said “this is the one” when we got the call Tuesday morning about this family visiting our house the first time. We haven’t heard anything from them until today when their agent called to set up a second showing.

Please pray with us that this will indeed be “the one”!

That’s gonna leave a mark

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Every inch of the Uhaul trailer was stuffed, SUV packed to the roof and pointed in the direction of Louisiana, and the final feat was to secure our king(kong) size mattresses to the roof of the trailer. One strap down and one to go. Then it happened…..

Somehow my spidy senses let me down and I slightly lost my balance while standing on the fender of the trailer. No big deal, my superman reflexes will allow me to simply step off backwards onto the ground.  Heck, when I was batman I would have thrown in a double back flip and a triple gainer.  Must have been some kryptonite somewhere; only explanation for my faulty landing.

In the still of the morning and in the silence of my awe inspiring olympic dismount, the SNAP, CRAKLE, POP of bones twisting and ligaments tearing rang out. Oh crap….that’s gonna leave a mark.

ER Doctors and Xray Technicians all agreed……yep, it was gonna leave a mark. The sound I heard upon impact assured me that my ankle bone had been snapped in two. The near instantaneous appearance of a grapefruit on top of my foot told me that things below my knee were no longer in order.

Good news is that sound of sticks breaking that I heard was not the bone in my leg; xray’s negative. Bad news is I learned that ligaments tearing can also make that same sound….go figure.

“Mr. Hyatt, here are your prescription pain meds, here are your crutches. Stay off your feet for 3-4 days and then on your crutches for a couple of weeks.” Hmmmm….perfect prognosis for a man about to get into a moving truck with a weeks worth of unpacking and house work ahead of him.

So here I sit, in my father-in-laws comfy recliner, watching the olympics with one eye and my family working like ants around me with the other. I am worthless, have been since about noon yesterday when my miscalculated dismount cost me a gold medal in Bejing.

Don’t get me wrong, I see the blessing in all of this, I see all the people that have selflessly stepped up to take up my slack, but it still sucks watching people do everything for me. Don’t like it at all, not my style.

Family Photos

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If you ever want yourself and/or your family to look like rock stars, call my friend Steven Bush and have him take your picture. Check out a few samples of our recent family photo shoot with him…..amazing how HOT (and I am not referencing the fact it was 105 degrees) my wife is and how incredibly beautiful my daughters are.

If you are interested in seeing a few more samples from our photo shoot please click here (hyatt family – four2six) and check them out. If you like them, please let Bush know. We would love to hear from you too but it kinda seems vain asking for comments about your own pictures. So if you just comment on Bush’s page we will read them there!

Also, shout out (ever call a radio station when you were 12 and make a shout out to your friends?….sorry) to Bush for the new banner picture for our blog!


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This week we did something crazy. We decided to put all our furniture on craigslist. I don’t think either of us really thought it would sell. I figured we would be moving it into storage after our texas home sells. Hmmmmmm, put it all (bedroom furniture, dinning room furniture, living room furniture) up on Sunday night, all sold by noon on Tuesday. Sweet, more money for the kid fund and less of the excess we have been living in. What first seemed like a GREAT blessing, soon turned into a big concern for me.

My wife makes me watch HGTV enough that I know what the term, staging, means in selling a house. Basically, staging is the concept that a nicely furnished home sells better than a not so nicely furnished home…or a home with no furnishings at all. Well, practically overnight, our house went from nicely furnished to eerily empty.

As soon as the worry started to set in, we got a email from our realtor letting us know that a house on our street just went on the market as a short sell. Same street, same size, larger garage and yard (our nemesis), but much cheaper than ours because the house is about to enter foreclosure.

As I read his email, I was consumed with a great peace. The kind of peace that passes understanding. Now I have a furnitureless home, with a small yard, small garage, with an equivalent house on the same street selling for cheaper……PERFECT, just were God would have it! The way I figure it, this is right were God wants us. This is just the kind of situation that our God revels in. This is His time to shine cause WHEN our house sells, it will be to His glory.

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

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Gonna make this quick….my wife and kids are in Louisiana.  Not for the weekend, not for a baby shower, not for a birthday party….but for good.  I am away on a business trip but when I get back into DFW this Friday I will be picking up a uHaul trailer, loading it on Saturday morning and heading to meet my family at our new home.

As much as I want to call it our temporary residence, for the sake of my wife and kids, we are going to make it our home.  For the adoption, this means we can start our home study very soon.  We have a social worker selected and locked in for the first week of September!