This week we did something crazy. We decided to put all our furniture on craigslist. I don’t think either of us really thought it would sell. I figured we would be moving it into storage after our texas home sells. Hmmmmmm, put it all (bedroom furniture, dinning room furniture, living room furniture) up on Sunday night, all sold by noon on Tuesday. Sweet, more money for the kid fund and less of the excess we have been living in. What first seemed like a GREAT blessing, soon turned into a big concern for me.

My wife makes me watch HGTV enough that I know what the term, staging, means in selling a house. Basically, staging is the concept that a nicely furnished home sells better than a not so nicely furnished home…or a home with no furnishings at all. Well, practically overnight, our house went from nicely furnished to eerily empty.

As soon as the worry started to set in, we got a email from our realtor letting us know that a house on our street just went on the market as a short sell. Same street, same size, larger garage and yard (our nemesis), but much cheaper than ours because the house is about to enter foreclosure.

As I read his email, I was consumed with a great peace. The kind of peace that passes understanding. Now I have a furnitureless home, with a small yard, small garage, with an equivalent house on the same street selling for cheaper……PERFECT, just were God would have it! The way I figure it, this is right were God wants us. This is just the kind of situation that our God revels in. This is His time to shine cause WHEN our house sells, it will be to His glory.


4 Responses to “Going…going….gone!”

  1. This story intrigues me by the minute. We are praying for you guys. Seriously.

  2. AMAZING!!!! Thank you for sharing this wonderful story of living for HIM!

  3. I saw on Bush’s blog your new photos. They look amazing and I am so thankful for more people like you guys taking on something bigger than yourselves. I am in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and if you guys need anything let me know.

  4. UNREAL. you guys are inspiring people whether you realize it or not.

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