That’s gonna leave a mark

Every inch of the Uhaul trailer was stuffed, SUV packed to the roof and pointed in the direction of Louisiana, and the final feat was to secure our king(kong) size mattresses to the roof of the trailer. One strap down and one to go. Then it happened…..

Somehow my spidy senses let me down and I slightly lost my balance while standing on the fender of the trailer. No big deal, my superman reflexes will allow me to simply step off backwards onto the ground.  Heck, when I was batman I would have thrown in a double back flip and a triple gainer.  Must have been some kryptonite somewhere; only explanation for my faulty landing.

In the still of the morning and in the silence of my awe inspiring olympic dismount, the SNAP, CRAKLE, POP of bones twisting and ligaments tearing rang out. Oh crap….that’s gonna leave a mark.

ER Doctors and Xray Technicians all agreed……yep, it was gonna leave a mark. The sound I heard upon impact assured me that my ankle bone had been snapped in two. The near instantaneous appearance of a grapefruit on top of my foot told me that things below my knee were no longer in order.

Good news is that sound of sticks breaking that I heard was not the bone in my leg; xray’s negative. Bad news is I learned that ligaments tearing can also make that same sound….go figure.

“Mr. Hyatt, here are your prescription pain meds, here are your crutches. Stay off your feet for 3-4 days and then on your crutches for a couple of weeks.” Hmmmm….perfect prognosis for a man about to get into a moving truck with a weeks worth of unpacking and house work ahead of him.

So here I sit, in my father-in-laws comfy recliner, watching the olympics with one eye and my family working like ants around me with the other. I am worthless, have been since about noon yesterday when my miscalculated dismount cost me a gold medal in Bejing.

Don’t get me wrong, I see the blessing in all of this, I see all the people that have selflessly stepped up to take up my slack, but it still sucks watching people do everything for me. Don’t like it at all, not my style.


4 Responses to “That’s gonna leave a mark”

  1. DUDE!!!!!! are you serious? this is crazy. sorry to hear that man.

  2. i’m sorry about your ankle. i start physical therapy school in 2 weeks. ligament tears=no good… i found your blog through aaron ivey’s. i’m pretty new to the whole blogging thing.

  3. okay that description made my stomach hurt!

  4. Sorry to hear about the disenchanting dismount! We are praying for your healing. Its a humbling feeling when you first realize that the version of events that play in your mind are sensationalized. Your mind says, “Superhero.” Your middle aged body says, “I wonder if I’ve met my deductible this year?” Best wishes on a speedy recovery. We love you guys!

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