“Tè a fatige”…”The earth is tired”

I have been questioned many times now as to why Haiti is in the condition it is in…….big question for which I have a very very small answer. I am just learning the history of Haiti and all the “issues” the people and country are facing but this article sheds some light on some major agricultural issues that are having a compound affect on starvation in Haiti.

Dirt Poor – Haiti has lost its soil and the means to feed itself


One Response to ““Tè a fatige”…”The earth is tired””

  1. That’s a really interesting article. I love reading posts by people who are passionate about a specific country or people group because that passion is contagious.

    For years now God had laid the people of Africa on my heart and I’ve read books about and watch documentaries about the tragedies they have experienced. I hope one day to make it over there myself but in the meantime we support through prayer and finances the great works that are already there.

    Thanks again for sharing this article.

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