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Haiti is a Water World

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Take 3 minutes of your day and watch this video.  First really visually telling story (that I have seen) of what is going on in Haiti right now.

Couldn’t believe the mud line in the ocean.  This statement got to me, “….damage is so great the government has stopped counting the dead and focused on delivering aid.”


Prayers from a broken heart needed

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It’s late; 11:40pm (update, now 12:16am) as I write this.  I have spent the last couple of hours surfing the Internet on Haiti adoptions, orphanages, and storm news….basically allowing my heart to be connected with Haiti.

The more I read about the destruction caused by the recent hurricanes (Gustav, Hanna), with another one coming (Ike), the more my heart is broken for this country and these people.  I am amazed, in a hurting kind of way, that the current state of this country is hardly a blip on the US news radar screen.

While our country is focused on political conventions, thousands of people just south of Florida have been standing on the rooftops of their flooded houses for days crying out for someone, anyone, to come rescue them.  Sitting there, literally starving to death, waiting on a rescue that may never happen.

I am disgusted with myself that less than a year ago a headline of death, destruction, natural disasters, and poverty of a “foreign country” would have quickly gotten passed over for the box scores of the last Dallas Mavericks game.

No doubt that God has shaken the tree that is my life.  Some of my branches have been painfully pruned (picture the Charlie Brown Christmas tree) but that which is left is already producing sweet fruit…for that I am grateful.

If you have taken the time to read this blog….please take the time to read a few articles on the current destruction and needs in Haiti.  Allow those stories to break your heart, and when you get to that place of broken heartedness….start praying.  That is what Haiti needs right now.

Start here:

Rescuers can’t get aid to a starving Haitian City

Then read here:

Hanna flooding strands hungry Haitians on rooftops


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If you want to see a few more pictures of my supermodel wife go here:

Although these pictures make it hard to believe, she is more beautiful on the inside than she is on the outside!

I said it before and I will say it again, if you want you or your family to look like rockstars, give Steven Bush a call.  He travels a lot for a living and most likely will be in your area at some point in the next 12 months so if you call him now he might be able to fit you in!  Him and his wife are adopting and all his photography proceeds go towards paying for their adoption.

You get to contribute to a great cause and get to look cool frozen in time…  Tell him I sent you….that way I might get a discount on my next set of pictures after the kids are home from Haiti!

Adoption update

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Our adoption dossier is coming along nicely.  For those of you that were like me a few months ago, clueless, that is pronounced “Dos-e-a”.  I still have a tendency to pronounce it like bull “dozer“.  Yep, I’m a redneck.  Basically it is the compilation of all our adoption paperwork.

We started our home study last Friday and expect to have that complete by the end of this month.  Our medical and psychology exams are done.  Most documents have been gathered.  The final steps will be noterization, authentication, and translation…..oh the joy.

We still have to gather some personal references so if you see our name on your caller ID…RUN!  No really, please don’t; we need your help.  We will give you at least 24hrs to get it completed!

We hope to have everything completed by the end of the month and submitted to Haiti by mid October.  We still don’t have an orphanage nailed down and we could definately use your prayer on that.  The one that we were hoping to use is full and will probably not have slots available for new kids by the time we need.  We have other options but all have there negatives so we are just moving forward with our paperwork and asking God to make it clear to us what direction to go when the time is right.

Thanks for everyones prayers and support during this time.