Adoption update

Our adoption dossier is coming along nicely.  For those of you that were like me a few months ago, clueless, that is pronounced “Dos-e-a”.  I still have a tendency to pronounce it like bull “dozer“.  Yep, I’m a redneck.  Basically it is the compilation of all our adoption paperwork.

We started our home study last Friday and expect to have that complete by the end of this month.  Our medical and psychology exams are done.  Most documents have been gathered.  The final steps will be noterization, authentication, and translation…..oh the joy.

We still have to gather some personal references so if you see our name on your caller ID…RUN!  No really, please don’t; we need your help.  We will give you at least 24hrs to get it completed!

We hope to have everything completed by the end of the month and submitted to Haiti by mid October.  We still don’t have an orphanage nailed down and we could definately use your prayer on that.  The one that we were hoping to use is full and will probably not have slots available for new kids by the time we need.  We have other options but all have there negatives so we are just moving forward with our paperwork and asking God to make it clear to us what direction to go when the time is right.

Thanks for everyones prayers and support during this time.


One Response to “Adoption update”

  1. So excited for you guys!

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