Prayers from a broken heart needed

It’s late; 11:40pm (update, now 12:16am) as I write this.  I have spent the last couple of hours surfing the Internet on Haiti adoptions, orphanages, and storm news….basically allowing my heart to be connected with Haiti.

The more I read about the destruction caused by the recent hurricanes (Gustav, Hanna), with another one coming (Ike), the more my heart is broken for this country and these people.  I am amazed, in a hurting kind of way, that the current state of this country is hardly a blip on the US news radar screen.

While our country is focused on political conventions, thousands of people just south of Florida have been standing on the rooftops of their flooded houses for days crying out for someone, anyone, to come rescue them.  Sitting there, literally starving to death, waiting on a rescue that may never happen.

I am disgusted with myself that less than a year ago a headline of death, destruction, natural disasters, and poverty of a “foreign country” would have quickly gotten passed over for the box scores of the last Dallas Mavericks game.

No doubt that God has shaken the tree that is my life.  Some of my branches have been painfully pruned (picture the Charlie Brown Christmas tree) but that which is left is already producing sweet fruit…for that I am grateful.

If you have taken the time to read this blog….please take the time to read a few articles on the current destruction and needs in Haiti.  Allow those stories to break your heart, and when you get to that place of broken heartedness….start praying.  That is what Haiti needs right now.

Start here:

Rescuers can’t get aid to a starving Haitian City

Then read here:

Hanna flooding strands hungry Haitians on rooftops


4 Responses to “Prayers from a broken heart needed”

  1. […] is Jason’s blog with some good links to […]

  2. thanks for these links.

  3. yes, thanks for sharing this info.

  4. What’s up Jason and Sarah! Just got a note from Johnny and he included your blog address. Really cool to see what God is doing in your lives. Will be praying for you as you move forward in this new chapter, and for the adoption.
    Keepin’ in touch

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