Bullet Updates

– Praise the Lord….we close on our house this Friday and move the rest of our stuff into storage on Saturday/Sunday.  The economy and housing market may be really bad but our God is really good.

– We have our completed adoption homestudy in hand….dropped off tonight as a matter of fact.  It will soon be joining the rest of our documents at the translator as well as the state office for authentication.  We are hoping that within a few weeks everything will be ready to send to the Haitian Consulate.

– Ankle is still not right, hurts constantly…not bad…but just enough to remind me that I am still a gimp.

– I had the opportunity to speak in front of 50+ men at Cedar Crest Baptist Church….topics covered: Haiti, poverty, short term mission trips, and rich christians in the age of hunger.  It felt good speaking about something God has been squeezing Sarah and me about.

– Life is unbelievably crazy right now….I am having a hard time keeping up.

– Claire is loving kindergarten.  As always, the teachers love her and everyone wants to be her friend.

– We are planning a return to Haiti for November in order to visit several orphanages to hopefully determine which one we will adopt from.  Trip planning is proving difficult considering the condition of the country after the recent hurricanes.  Priority one….pray for the people of Haiti during this great time of need.  Please pray that we don’t lose sight of that.  Priority two….pray that things will pull together and we will get to go.  Please pray for wisdom and discernment as we try to find the orphange that God wants to use to introduce us to our kids.  Please pray for our kids….that they will be fed, nurtured, and cared for until we can be connected with them.

– Isabella’s purpose in life is to make our sides hurt with laughter or our heads hurt with frustration…sometimes at the same time.


6 Responses to “Bullet Updates”

  1. Good to see some more people being tugged at helping the people of Haiti. Have you ever been to Haiti before or was it just a country that was laid on your heart?

  2. Mrakers….we went back in May. It was an amazing trip which God has used to spawn a new journey in life for us.

  3. That’s so great about your house, we have definitely felt those woes……. All the blessings for your future trip, we need to look you guys up next time we are in WM, we were there just this last weekend and will prob head back over around the holidays. I’d love to hear more about your speaking and if that’s a book that I need to be reading? Thanks for not sitting still…………..

  4. Kim, I haven’t finished Rich Christians in the Age of Hunger yet (about 3/4 through it) but I would absolutely recommend it. It will definitely open your eyes to the real world.

  5. Congrats on the house and the homestudy.

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