We are no longer home owners!

The house is sold, officially closed today and transferred ownership at 1:30pm!  Thanks everyone for your prayers; really, thank you!  It was very hard to clean our stuff out this past weekend, turn the lights out, and close the door for the last time.  Sarah and I had a time of reflection on our past and rejoicing about our future.

I can’t thank the guys that came and helped me move enough.  The Texas crew…Vince, Joey, Steve, Scott, Eric…and the LA crew…Troy, Philip, Mark, Christian, G-Dad, Dad….seriously, the logistics and stress have been a burden on me but your hands, feet, and backs took it all away.

Sarah somehow managed to pack up everything over a three day weekend….it involved no sleep and lots of Ibuprofen.  She is amazing.  Thanks to G-Mom for helping with that labor intensive work……seriously, I would rather get stuck in an elevator with the Delilah show on continuous loop than have to box up crap for a move.  The loading and unloading I don’t mind so much.  The packing and unpacking…wouldn’t get done if it were up to me.

Not exactly the market I would recommend selling in, unless you feel God requires it of you….if you do then give this guy a call….Jeff C. Jacobs has done it again!

3 Responses to “We are no longer home owners!”

  1. man o man…the joys of selling a house in this market.
    we are having to go with a guy who wants to lease/purchase our stuff…really the only option we have right now. it will get us through this next year for sure.

    hope you guys are well.

  2. Congrats guys! We sold ours in MN in late April and it felt GREAT!

  3. Hi, I happened upon your blog, read about your house closing and it just occuured to me that we closed on our house 25 years ago yesterday! Here is a blog you may enjoy – http://anniemarlene.blogspot.com it is a blog about the Richardsons who adopted a brother and sister from Liberia a little over a year ago.
    Blessings to you on your journey. Kim Wencl http://kimwencl.wordpress.com

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