Art * Music * Justice

Sarah and I had the chance to go see the Art*Music*Justice (AMJ) Tour during it’s stop in Monroe, LA last night.  What?  I know, right?  Some crafty rednecks somehow managed to convince them to stop in Funroe.

Well, without hesitation, I will tell you it was one of the best concerts (Christian or otherwise) that I have ever been to.  One of my all time favorite artist, Derek Webb, was there doing his thing along with an awesome group that included Sara Groves, Charlie Peacock, Sandra McCracken, and Brandon Heath.  It was unlike any “concert” I have ever been to.  It was more like a gathering of passionate Christian’s sharing about the heart of our God…the poor, the hurting, the enslaved, the needy.  They literally shared the stage, singing/playing backup for one another, while each spoke about how God is changing them, aligning their hearts and talents to do their part to make a difference.  Sarah and I both left there challenged, broken, inspired, and encouraged.

The main reason I am putting this on our blog is because they are going to be in Texas tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday.  Being that a lot of people reading our blog are probably within and short drive of one of their locations, I wanted to encourage you to go.  If you have plans, change them.  If you don’t have a babysitter, take them.  If you are tired, drink a redbull.  If you are lazy, get over it……these are desperate times and these people, this concert, will challenge you to do something about it.

San Antonio, TX – University United Methodist – Tonight – Oct. 24th @7:00PM

Carrollton, TX – Bent Tree Church – Saturday – Oct. 25th @7:00PM **Calling all Diakonos, this is right next to Prestonwood…you have no excuse!

Houston (Spring), TX – The Woodlands United Methodist – Sunday – Oct. 26th @7:00PM

If you don’t like it, I will reimburse your ticket cost…minus a small service charge.  Seriously, it’s worth your time and worth you shifting your schedule around.


2 Responses to “Art * Music * Justice”

  1. I’m so glad you guys got to go to this, I was upset that we would miss it, were were camping on Sat. We saw Derek here in Dallas earlier this year and Sandra in Colorado when she was still preg w/their baby. She’s awesome too! Thanks for trying to kick those rednecks in the tail to go, they need it! he he Take care guys! Kim/Jeff/Parks

  2. UGH. This kills me to read. We were supposed to go in MSP but ended up not being in Mpls the right dates for the tour — we LOVE Sara Groves and Derek Webb … LOVE … did he sing “And this too shall be made right” or “Savior on Capitol Hill?” We’ve been stalking Sara for about six years now, she is so talented! Glad you guys got to go.

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