Here are a few things that have been happening around here. Mainly just trying to give you something because I checked our site traffic stats tonight and about 4 people have checked our blog in the past week!

– Claire turned 6 a couple of weeks ago…she had a final final final birthday party this past Friday. The original plan was not to have a big birthday party this year that cost a lot of money….somehow that morphed into like 4 different small birthday parties that each cost just a small amount of money. Don’t ask me if we ended up saving money. Anyway, the big event was getting her ears pierced.

– We have been encouraged by our friends interest in our adoption.  We value every prayer lifted up on our behalf during this process.

– I was brought to the very feet of Jesus during a “church” service Saturday night. As I was trying to soak up the presence of my God as He filled the room, I almost forgot I was inside the razor wire walls of a prison. With raised hands, I joined men incarcerated for crimes here on earth, as we all cried out for mercy and grace for crimes committed at birth.

– Random fact about me…..I have serious sleeping issues; probably from the past 6 years of spending 150+ nights a year in hotels. Even under the influence of sleeping aids, conditions have to be just right for me to sleep well. Conditions I consider NOT just right…..complete silence, noisy environments, rattling fans, clocks ticking, hard beds, not enough pillows….the list goes on and on.

– We hope there will be more adoption updates soon. There is actually a lot of stuff going on just not a lot we can share with everyone right now. What we would cherish right now from you is your prayers. We have some BIG decisions to make and they are proving much more difficult than we ever expected. Hearing a definitive answer from God is imperative.

– I have had a blog on my mind lately about the right of Christians around the world to have the Freedom to Fast. I have been trying to incorporate this activity into my christian walk lately and have been thinking about how I don’t exercise this foundational christian discipline nearly enough. More so, I have been thinking about the fact that Christians all over this world have had this God given gift stripped from them by poverty. I have been hurting for my christian brothers and sisters all around this world knowing that they might never get the chance to deny their bodies food for the sake of hearing from their Lord because we (other Christians) have chosen to fill our trash cans rather than their stomachs. If I can pull together my thoughts on this subject I will try to assimilate a blog out of it if you are interested.


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