Ricky Bobby was wrong….

….when he said, “If you ain’t first, you’re last.”

If you have never seen Talledaga Nights then that makes no sense. And yes, I realize admitting that I saw it probably dropped me a few places on your respected list…but come on, are you really surprised?

A friend shared this website with me today. It is worth your time to check out a few of the videos.


No Ricky, you are wrong…..”If you ain’t SECOND, you’re last.”


2 Responses to “Ricky Bobby was wrong….”

  1. Ricky was wrong in so many ways. Thanks for sharing the iamsecond website. I enjoyed several of the videos. Striving today to be second. Deo volente…

  2. Jason

    It was good seeing you the other day. Our prayers are with you guys and feel free to email me with specific prayer request. Consider us one of your prayer warriors. I am second is awesome!! May we all become second..

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