The rest of the story

There is no doubt in our minds that God has led us down this path of adoption from Haiti….NO DOUBT.   He has faithfully affirmed our decision many points along the way.

I have never been one to believe that because God called you to something He will open all the doors, clear out all the obstacles, make every day sunny, put smiles and helpful hearts on everyone you encounter, and generally make the journey a walk in the park.  In fact, when I read the bible, I read stories of great men and women of faith that had to kick open closed doors, blaze trails of great trepidation, overcome obstacles around every corner, and basically risk their lives with each and every step they walked with God.  I absolutely believe that God makes his will known, but we often equate that to a path that is safe and easy.

Guess what, nothing about our journey is safe and easy.  When God told us to adopt from Haiti, it was basically that simple, follow Him on a life changing journey of adoption;  it was a calling to trust Him.  Let me say that I am much better at catching the big vision stuff my God lays before me….the details….I tend to develop those on my on in a way that I think best possible to achieve the end goal.

God’s call: Adopt from Haiti, trust Me.

My details: Adopt 2 children from Haiti.  Siblings.  One girl between the ages of 2-4 years old, weighing approximately 25-35lbs.  One boy between the ages of 0-2 years old, weighing approximately 7-25lbs.  Their names should be Audry and Abraham.  They should refer to me as King Jason and feed me grapes….oh sorry, that was part of the details I made when God told me to get married; I bet you can guess how that worked out for me.

Anyway, you get the idea.  None of those are bad things, actually, they are all great.  Just not exactly as God intended for us; but it does make me think about how many times God has put a calling in front of me, one that I accepted, one that I started walking down the path towards, but one that I didn’t quite achieve according to His original plan because I started filling out the details according to my on ability.  That is another topic for another day I suppose.

All that said to tell you that over the past few weeks God has gently stripped away our details,  showing us some of his and allowing us the opportunity once again to TRUST Him!

Several weeks ago we received our first referral from our orphanage, a two year old girl named Naomie.  We were filled with excitement but within hours we begin to try to figure out how this single referral of a 2 year old girl was going to fit into our plan for 2 children.  We sat on her referral for weeks, praying that God would show us how this was going to fit into our plan.  Begging God to tell us whether or not we should adopt her.

Then about a week and a half ago we got a call from our adoption counselor letting us know the word on the street in Haiti is that starting January 7th, 2009 adoption laws on the books from 1974 were going to be enforced.  The summary of that law is this: married couples wanting to adopt must both be 35 years of age, married for 10 years, and have no biological children.  One, Two, Three strikes….we’re out.

Everything was immediately called into question; well almost everything.  We never questioned whether or not we were supposed to be adopting from Haiti.  That’s the funny thing…that would be the logical question to ask but never for one minute did we question God’s calling.  We just questioned the DETAILS….and what we heard was our details were good but they weren’t PERFECT!  And God’s plan is perfect.

So after a lot of questioning and a lot of prayers we decided to forgo our details and accept His in order to continue in this journey of faith.  With that, with great joy we accepted Naomi’s referral.  As to how, or even if, our family will get from four 2 six….we will trust God and watch that unfold with everyone else.  The one thing we know for sure is there will definitely be MORE in store for us in the journey of faith.  There will without a doubt be more crossroads, more bends in the river, more opportunities for us to make it about us or about Him; all chances for God to be first and us to be second.


5 Responses to “The rest of the story”

  1. Brandon and I are excited to hear of your news. Nyomie is a beautiful and blessed little girl. I know she will be blessed by your love and life just as you will be by hers.

    We are continued warriors in prayer as you continue your faithful journey of adoption.

    We miss you and wish to see you soon.

    Much Love,

    Brandon and Tamara

  2. Sabrina Spies Says:

    We were thrilled to see the update yesterday in Sunday School. We will continue to pray for all of you. You are an encouragement to us to walk by faith and not by sight ( or details for that matter).
    May you have a blessed ‘Christmas.
    We miss you,
    Richard, Sabrina and Luke

  3. Deneise Murad Says:

    I love you all – this entire process brings back so many memories of Maggie and Ruby as babies. I just can’t wait until Nyomie is here. She is so beautiful!

    And Jason, I love reading what you write. Love, love, love it – and love you!


  4. Love it.

    God. Only God.

  5. Jason & Sarah,

    Wow…….What an awesome Christmas God has bestowed on your family and Nyomie is a real doll. Can’t wait to meet her and our thoughts and prayers will be with y’all for a smooth and streamlined process in your journey. Very exciting and thanks for sharing the experince with us. I really enjoyed the site and will check back for updates.

    Merry Christmas,

    The Jacobs Family

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