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papa…..THERE HE IS!

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a beautiful girl dressed in her sunday’s best

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–  Sarah leaves this week, headed to Haiti to visit our daughter for the first time!  Pretty hard to describe the emotions surrounding this trip.  Our first trip to Haiti back in May 2008 changed the course of our lives, this trip will no doubt do the same.  My wife will get the chance to hold our youngest daughter for the first time.  For the first time, Sarah will get to interact with Naomi on the same level that she does daily with our other two daughters.  I am praying that the insignificant things about each of them will get etched into each of their souls; the way they smell, the texture of their skin, and the inflection in their voice when they say hello.  Insignificant things that will remain long after they are separated…things that will begin the bonding process of a lady named Sarah and a girl named Naomi into a union of a mom named Sarah and a daughter named Naomi.

– Remember the “significance” of January 7th?  Remember how we elected to testify of God’s perfect plan in spite of the uncertainty of the moment?  Well, check this news out…tangible evidence that our God is at work breaking through at least one of the obstacles put before us:

“On Thursday, January 15, 2009, President Preval had a meeting with the new IBESR director regarding the issue of families who have biological children who want to adopt in Haiti. President Preval told the IBESR director that the families should be able to adopt in Haiti even if these families have biological children. Good News for many children in Haiti & for those families who want to adopt them!”

–  So my unbelievable tough wife, headed to a third world country to visit our daughter, is also suffering with severe back pain due to a ruptured disk and foraminal stenosis…bad crap.  So bad that her right leg is literrally numb; she could step on a bed of hot burning coals with her right foot and eat a pizza at the same time…litterally no feeling.  Several doctors and MRI’s later, back surgery at the age of 28 is the only option…really bad crap.   She was faced with a choice….fight through the pain and numbness and visit Naomi, putting off surgery….or reschedule the trip and have the needed surgery.  Well, unless for some reason you started reading this post from the bottom up, you know what her choice was.  If not, fight through your dyslexia and read the first bullet.  The surgery is scheduled for after her return.  Please join me in praying for her safety and comfort on this trip.

something Significant happened today…

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…nothing happened with our adoption dossier in Haiti.  january 7th has come and gone.  we didn’t get in.  as far as we know, we are no longer “eligible” to adopt from Haiti.

today, man put another obstacle in our path.  today, man cut another bend in the road of our journey.  today, man told us to turn around, go home, give up….

but something Significant happened today…

Today, man successfully added another milestone that will be overcome in this journey of faith.  Today, man added another marker that will one day point to the power of our Father.  Today, man drafted another beautiful page in the story, our adoption story, that will eventually be told to testify of how our God is faithful and worthy to be praised.  Today, just as yesterday, and just like tomorrow, we chose to trust and obey.  Today, we chose not to turn around, not to go home, not to give up.  Today, our paperwork might not have moved forward but we did.

The significance of the events of today will one day be illuminated in the testimony of how God made perfect His plan in orchestrating our homecoming with Naomie.

….something Significant happened today!