something Significant happened today…

…nothing happened with our adoption dossier in Haiti.  january 7th has come and gone.  we didn’t get in.  as far as we know, we are no longer “eligible” to adopt from Haiti.

today, man put another obstacle in our path.  today, man cut another bend in the road of our journey.  today, man told us to turn around, go home, give up….

but something Significant happened today…

Today, man successfully added another milestone that will be overcome in this journey of faith.  Today, man added another marker that will one day point to the power of our Father.  Today, man drafted another beautiful page in the story, our adoption story, that will eventually be told to testify of how our God is faithful and worthy to be praised.  Today, just as yesterday, and just like tomorrow, we chose to trust and obey.  Today, we chose not to turn around, not to go home, not to give up.  Today, our paperwork might not have moved forward but we did.

The significance of the events of today will one day be illuminated in the testimony of how God made perfect His plan in orchestrating our homecoming with Naomie.

….something Significant happened today!


7 Responses to “something Significant happened today…”

  1. like it. a lot.

    praying for you guys.

  2. Crystal Harper Says:

    Jason and Sarah –

    All day yesterday when I saw the date 1/7, God brought you to my mind. He IS working in this situation. And, I believe Jason that you are correct that this obstacle will only point to His power and give Glory to Him when Nyomie is finally home. Stay strong and look to the examples given us in the bible of God’s faithfulness and power – Daniel in the lions den, David and Goliath, Noah with the ark, Shadrach/Meshach/Abendago (sp?), and on and on.

    The Haitian government and ever-changing laws are no problem for our ever-present help in times of trouble. Good thing that God never changes and is always the same!

    Love you guys and your committment to the journey that God has set before you! What an awesome story this will be and a great way to teach all 3 of your girls about God’s faithfulness.


  3. kimrhodes Says:

    What beautiful words on a beautiful journey. Much love to you guys.

  4. Joel Williams suggested that we read your blog. We are just starting on the journey of adoption. God has already been so faithful to lead us through infertility and now to adoption. It is such an encouragement to hear your story, your faith, and your sheer will to not give in or give up! Thanks for sharing.
    Jeremy and Emily Echols

  5. Just wanted to make sure you saw this post on Vera’s blog:

    Updates….January 16, 2009

    President Preval – Pardon for Biological Children:

    On Thursday, January 15, 2009, President Preval had a meeting with the new IBESR director regarding the issue of families who have
    biological children who want to adopt in Haiti. President Preval told the IBESR director that the families should be able to adopt in Haiti
    even if these families have biological children. Good News for many children in Haiti & for those families who want to adopt them!

  6. […] four 2 six Our journey from a family of four to a family of six « something Significant happened today… […]

  7. Beth Miletello Says:

    Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that you are in Joey and my’s thoughts and prayers. I am touched by the love you are showing to this little girl. Congrats!

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