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It’s ME!

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Shocking I know, but yes this is Sarah blogging. My husband does such a beautiful job of keeping you all in the know. (I do throw in a little help here and there, mostly with misspelled words.) But that is about the extent of it. I love to read blogs but I am not much for writing them. However, today is the exception. Another day cannot pass without me letting everyone know what an amazing husband I have. As you all know, I recently had back surgery. Jason has been a SERVANT! There is nothing that he has not taken care of for me. He has grocery shopped, bathed kids, cleaned the kitchen numerous times, kept the rest of the house clean, served me breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Not to mention keeping everyone at work happy. And the list goes on. I feel so truly blessed to have him by my side. He loves his family like crazy and I am so grateful for that! I love that man so much, and I am so thankful he chose me 9 years ago! I love you Jason Hyatt and thank you for loving me almost as much as i love you!

Thanks to all of you who check on us and are diligently praying for us! GOD is so faithful!


Color Blind

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Her first date….

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In case you didn’t notice…Claire has lost a few teeth in the past week!

Bullet Post….

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– My beautiful wife had her back surgery this past Thursday.  The surgery went great and she is recovering better than expected.  Before the surgery she was in excruciating pain every minute of every day.  Her right leg was mostly numb and she couldn’t feel her right foot.  After the surgery, she has NO pain.  Well, other than the pain associated with having her back cut open.  But, all of the symptoms described above, gone.  Completely pain free…praise the Lord!  I jokingly give Sarah a hard time about being a slow healer…well, I can’t make that joke this time.  I am having my hands full trying to get her to take it easy, only two days after surgery and she is ready to get back into the gym!

– Sarah and I are still trying to process everything from her trip.  Maybe you can talk her in to posting her thoughts on here.  We were both blown away at how quickly her and Naomi were able to bond.  We didn’t know what to expect but we never could have imagined that they would connect as mother and daughter so soon.

– We recently got word from Haiti that the 35/10/0 law from 1974 is indeed being enforced.  That is both parents have to be 35 years old, been married for 10 years, and have 0 kids.  Don’t meet those requirements and you can’t adopt from Haiti.  Sarah is 29, I am 33, we have been married for 9 years, and we have 2 kids.  Our orphanage is questioning us on how we want to proceed……I still don’t really have a response for them.  We definitely have better questions than we have answers right now.  We know God invited us to walk down this path of adoption from Haiti.  We don’t think He orchestrated our paths to cross with Naomi’s just to be introduced to her… how do you convince an orphanage to walk down this journey of faith with you?  One thing is for sure, a walk in the park is not what we signed up for; but rather an adventure down the narrow less traveled road, full of painful tests of faith and challenges of trust.

– Pray for us and PRAY specifically for the adoption laws in Haiti.  Pray that the old working law (30/5/2) would get passed into official law and that our adoption of Naomi would miraculously move forward.  Pray that even with the 35/10/0 law in place, those working on our behalf in Haiti would have the wisdom and courage to exhaust every option available to them in furthering our adoption.

– I do not cry.  I didn’t cry at our wedding.  I didn’t cry at the birth of my two daughters.  I didn’t cry when my Pap died.  I do not cry.  Lately I have actually been praying that God would move me to tears over certain things in my life, over certain things in this world.  It happened last night as I looked over Sarah’s shoulder as she watched the video below.  When the missionary said, “after she had given them each a cracker, she took one for herself…it’s like the gospel right there”; I lost it.  I do not cry.