A Journey Worth Following

Many of you follow this blog because you want to join us in our adoption journey.  Just wanted to say thank you and let you know how much we appreciate your participation.  Things are a bit slow getting out of the gate for us, definitely testing our faith at the moment, but ultimately these bumps in the road will lend themselves to a great story for our family (including Naomi) to tell in the future.

Speaking of great stories and journey’s worth following, I have some recommended blog reading for you.  Hang with me.

Sarah and I recently volunteered some time working for World Vision.  It was a great night getting to play in a small role in releasing some beautiful children from poverty.  We also got to meet Chris Hennig who works for World Vision.  He is a really cool guy, has a passion for the least of these, loves Jesus, and I suspect if our roads traveled were a little closer, we would be homeboys.  I realize I am basing this off of having known and served with the guy for about 4 hours but I am a pretty good judge of character….ok, I do realize I picked a guy called the Bearded Wonder to be my best friend, but that was about 25 years ago so cut me some slack.

Anyway, Chris is doing something that I find really interesting.  Honestly, the more I think about what he is doing, the more envious I am……in a non sinful envious way.  He decided to drop everything in an effort to strip his life down to the basics, literally, and spend the next 5+ months hiking the Appalachian Trail.  His hope is to learn a little more about himself, our God, and spread the word about all the great work that World Vision does for children around the world.   The cool thing about living in the 21st Century is that Chris is staying connected; blogging about his journey along the way.

Sorry for running on….I’m a sales guy so when I get into a pitch sometimes it takes a while to get out.  Go check out Chris’ web space.  I suspect the next five plus months will be interesting at the very least.  Encourage Chris to keep moving forward because selfishly I want to live vicariously through him for the next few months!



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