Headed to Haiti

Just wanted to let everyone know that Sarah and I leave for Haiti on Thursday (arriving in Haiti Friday morning) and will be there until Monday.  We planned this trip the week after Sarah returned in January and it has completely snuck (is that a word…past tense of sneak) up on us.  Not that we haven’t thought about it constantly; anxiously anticipating another moment with Naomi, but honestly it seems surreal that we leave this week.

For me it will be my first chance to hold Naomi.  It will be my first time to tickle and chase her.  First chance to swing her around and run with her on my shoulders.  I suspect it might take a little longer for her to warm up to me than it did Sarah being that I am a big hairy white man…but I have no doubt that she will be  screaming with joy as I chase her around, running into my arms for a big hug before the end of our time together.

Please pray for us during our visit.  Pray that Sarah is able to reconnect with Naomi as mother and daughter, growing the bond they started in January.  Pray that I will be able to shower Naomi with love, quickly exchanging concerns of safety in my presence with feelings of safety in my presence.

Depending our Internet access, I will attempt to update everyone on our trip as we are there…hopefully posting a few pictures along the way, so please check back often.

One Response to “Headed to Haiti”

  1. praying a great trip for you all!

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