Adoption Update

A lot of you have been asking, “Will you be bringing Naomi home on this trip?”. I would love to tell you yes, but it simply isn’t so. We are a long way from it. Jason and I are telling ourselves 2 years. Two years from when, you ask – I don’t know. If you ask me, I will probably say, “Our hope is by the end of 2010.” I do realize that doesn’t quite add up to two years, but I can’t quite get 2011 to come out of my mouth. I am praying for 2010. Why not? God is big!! You see, as Jason has explained in earlier posts, we simply do not meet the requirements to adopt from Haiti. And to meet those, I would have to quickly age by 6 yrs, Jason 3 yrs, and somehow hide our 2 bio children. Meeting those requirements is not happening anytime soon.

With that said, it doesn’t change the fact that we have a daughter in Haiti. A daughter that we love beyond measure. A daughter that is counting on us to fight for her. And so that is the plan. We will continue on until she is home with her family.

Jason and I leave Thursday to visit Naomi. We can’t wait! The thoughts of having to leave her on Monday and not see her for unknown months, will be pushed from my mind. We are going to go and cherish the time that we have! (Then when we get on the plane, I will burst into massive tears, and soak Jason’s shoulder.) Believe me there have been many tears shed, and I know there are many more to come. But I have to keep looking forward to the tears of CRAZY JOY when we bring her home!

So that’s it. The papers (as far as we know) are at the mayor’s office. We are waiting for them to be signed on to the next step.

We appreciate your prayers so much, and thanks for joining us on this wild journey! We will not bring her home on this trip, but I certainly look forward to the one that we do!


6 Responses to “Adoption Update”

  1. love you sarah!

    Praying for your trip.

  2. My husband and I are adopting 2 children from Haiti, I am 29 he is 31 and we have 3 bio kids. We do not meet the laws at all, 2 strikes, we have been told that if we want to proceed then there are no garrenties of anything, and we need to expect a long wait with absolutely no idea how long it will take to get a presidental waiver, and that if they choose to they can say no to the waiver once it gets there. We belive that these children are OUR kids, and that God brought us to them and them to us, and that has to be enough for now. I find myslef not speaking about the adoption to certain people who always feel the need to say “why so long” “will you get them next month when you go” and comments such as these. I think we all need to just believe it will work out somehow 🙂

  3. Jason and Marcy Says:

    Love you guys! We are praying for the trip. Regarding timing, try not to sweat it. I’m reminded of Acts 1:7-8. Sure, they were asking about something different, but it is still encouraging in times like this. Give it a read. I’m guessing that Haiti qualifies as “to the ends of the earth.” Have a great trip and give Naomi an extra hug from us!

  4. Have a great time! I wish I could go down and love on all the kids!

  5. Give my granddaughter a hug and kiss from me. Noni

  6. Crystal Harper Says:

    Love you guys! Praying Naomi will be home soon and that God will give you peace until then.

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