Life just got a lot harder…

We had to say goodbye to Naomi tonight.  I don’t really have words to explain how I feel. Not good; it is not well with my soul.  I have really struggled this weekend.  Life just got a lot harder now that I have loved on this little girl and convinced her to call me Papa.  Honestly, faith and trust when put in context of this adoption are words I really don’t want to hear, believe, or live right now.  I want assurance that it will all work out; assurance that in spite of the fact Haiti doesn’t think I am fit to be her father, God will somehow, someway, trump the system.  Suddenly it seems like a lot of what I have been saying about this adoption was just lip service.  The path seems narrower, miles longer, and much more treacherous than expected.


5 Responses to “Life just got a lot harder…”

  1. Melissa Shackelford Says:

    Hey Jason and Sarah. I’m not really sure what to say since I’m completely unaware of how you feel, but I’d like to offer a small word of encouragement. God is good all the time and He is bigger than anything we face. For some reason these two statements are extremely easy to say and extremely hard to “practice”. Our emotions will lie to us but God’s Word is always true. Praying that God will grant you both the peace that only He can.

  2. t squared Says:

    no smart words … only love and prayers.

  3. Paula Glennon Says:

    Hey guys, I can only say that you will all be in my prayers, and that we love you so much. I’m learning to walk my own path in faith, so I somewhat understand how you feel.
    Naomi is beautiful and she could never be with better parents than you two.
    Lots of love and prayers,

  4. haitirescuecenter Says:

    Hi Jason and Sarah. We wanted you to know that we are praying for you and your whole family. I know you know this, but God is with you through all of this process. He is with your daughter with all of you. He is there….holding you, and walking with you through all of your pain and your victories as well. Thinking of you often here in Haiti.

  5. I’m not sure what news you got exactly, but from someone who has been riding this roller coaster for the past two years – don’t give up. At one point we had been told that we would not be considered since we already had 3 children. 6 months later our daughter was legally ours in the eyes of the Haitian government. We’ve had many bad days along the way, but know God led us down this path for a reason. your family will be in my prayers.

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