Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Sarah and I are proud partners with a microfinance organization named Opportunity International.  I first learned about microfinance organizations while reading the book, Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger.  I was blown away by the enormous impact small loans have when put in the hands of entrepreneurial minded people living in the grips of poverty.  Here is a quick explanation from Opportunity International:

“The revolution of microenterprise development is built on the foundation of a simple truth: Many of the world’s poorest people are a good credit risk. A lifetime of struggling just for food and shelter fosters the kind of single-minded drive that it takes to start or build a small business. Rather than being merely victims, the world’s poor are the key to their own emergence from poverty. Given a working chance – just a start – they can begin to build their own future.”

Opportunity International has an amazing interactive website called OptINnow.  It is a website with photos and stories of women across the world working their way out of poverty.  You can read stories about these entrepreneurs in poverty stricken countries, see what kind of business they are starting, how much they need to get started, and distribute your contributions directly to their loan.

So as you consider a gift for your mom this year, how about honoring your mother with a tribute patch on their virtual Global Opportunity Quilt and get a gift card to help another mother in a developing country with a life-changing loan.

Here’s how it would work.

You buy a $25 quilt patch to honor your mom for Mother’s Day.  Opportunity International will send her an email with a link to view your tribute on the quilt plus a $25 gift card to fund a woman’s loan on

Your mom can use her gift card to fund a life-changing loan for someone on the site.  If your mom is not an Internet user, you can go on the site with her and help her choose an entrepreneur and use her gift card.  It can be an awesome opportunity for you to share with your mom the passion and concern you have for those that Christ lovingly referred to as the least of these.  If neither of those are options, you can memorialize your mother on the quilt and use the gift card yourself and change a life in her honor.

So Mom Hyatt and Mom Lord, if you are reading this……surprise!  You will be getting your gift card very soon.  Sarah and I hope you enjoy sharing our love for you with another deserving mother across the globe.


2 Responses to “Mother’s Day Gift Idea”

  1. Jason's Mom Says:

    I can’t think of a better mother’s day gift. I’ve already picked out who I want to give it to.

  2. Crystal Harper Says:

    What a neat idea. I already sent my mom’s gift, but I may get myself this! Going to check out the site.

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