Crazy Good

Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God by Francis Chan……Read It.

Seriously, go buy the book tomorrow today.  Download the audiobook tonight now.  It is worth your time.


If you read one book this year, read the bible.  If you read two, read this one.


3 Responses to “Crazy Good”

  1. I finished this not that long ago and it is CRAZY good!

  2. I read “Crazy Love” recently. The first three chapters were fine about examining your life, about being committed to Christ and about our awesome God. So far so good. But I felt that chapters four and especially five were mean-spirited and opposed the idea of living by grace. There is an extensive discussion of the book at:

  3. Thanks for the comments Donald. I am going to listen to chapters 4 and 5 again tomorrow, hopefully I can provide some feedback then. I certainly didn’t takeaway mean-spirited thoughts the first time through, although I was challenged many times to examine my faith and how I respond to God’s grace on a daily basis…basically because of grace, how has my live changed? How is my life different because of my belief and understanding of Jesus’ time on earth and what He did on the cross?

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