So is this an adoption blog or what?

Yes….or at least that is certainly why it was created. Adoption, more specifically our call to adopt from Haiti and the ensuing journey, along with information about the happenings of our family…the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly. Since adoption activities are slow, it certainly seems like I blog more about God’s dealings with me. Interesting and inspirational….questionable. Real and authentic….definitely.

But, without further ado, an adoption update. Drum role please………

SLOW…that’s how things are going. Almost a year after taking this leap of faith, we are still basically waiting to get this adoption off the ground. That is NOT to say that MUCH (if much was ever an understatement it would be now) hasn’t happened over this past year. Our faith journey has lead us straight to Naomi. And what a blessing to our family she is. She has challenged and taught us, bent and broke us.

At this moment we are still waiting to get our dossier (collection of adoption papers) submitted into Haiti’s IBESR (basically Haitian Social Services). It remains one of the longest, most critical, and faith/trust testing steps in the entire Haitian adoption process. They are still operating under the 35/10/0 law (basically Age/Years Married/Number of children) but recent activity has shown that there is once again some leniency on the 10/0 part.

During our May visit to Haiti, I was able to sit with our orphanage director/crew and testify to them about our assurance of God’s calling and commitment to walk this path, no matter what, for as long as He commands us. Their response, “We will walk this path with you and take our direction from you as you take your direction from God!” They even committed to attempt to submit our dossier to IBESR even though we know fully that we don’t meet the current “law”. Their prayer, “Lord, place scales over their (IBESR workers) eyes, allow these papers to fall onto the right desk, and advance this adoption as only you can.”

Rest assured, we are committed to trusting God and testing His faithfulness. Not easy, not even how I would necessarily like it…but definitely required.

With that, please echo the prayers of our adoption advocates in Haiti. Pray specifically for our dossier, that it will be accepted into IBESR. Pray for wisdom and perseverance for our adoption advocates in Haiti and their willingness to continue to fight the system of corruption in the name of releasing orphans to their forever families.


One Response to “So is this an adoption blog or what?”

  1. Crystal Harper Says:

    Joining with y’all in this specific prayer. May God be a Mountain Mover in your adoption case! IBESR is no match for God!!

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