What can you do?

Not looking for your money….just your prayers!

Word is our adoption advocates in Haiti are going to try to submit our dossier into IBESR this week despite the fact that we don’t officially meet the adoption “requirements”.  Just read through our newly updated (your welcome) Adoption Story if you are wondering what the “requirements” are and why we would be trying to adopt when we don’t “officially” meet them…….lots of “quotation” marks being used, huh?

Please pray that IBESR will take them.  And pray for something God sized to happen; not only will they take them but they will fly through the system in record time.  I believe, or at least am trying my best to, do you?  If you do, please pray.  If you don’t, please pray and let’s grow in this faith/trust thing together.

3 Responses to “What can you do?”

  1. kimrhodes Says:

    Praying… Praying.. Praying..
    Thanks for the update. It sure helps to have specific things to be praying for. Expecting to hear great news this week!
    Much love you guys!!!!

  2. […] They have had some complications with some of the laws that Haiti has… read about that here.  Would you join me in praying specifically for their files these next few days?  Pray that when […]

  3. Crystal Harper Says:

    Praying the files are moving across the right desks and getting signatures!

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