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“Hi, I am Coach Jason from the USA…..

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…..and I have flown all the way to Senegal, Africa to teach you the game of basketball.  While teaching you some ball skills, hopefully I will earn your respect and get the opportunity to tell you about my friend named Jesus.”

OK, I won’t be that cheesy but for a one liner, it basically sums up what I am doing in a few weeks. I am traveling with a team of 4 others, and working with a local missionary, to put on a basketball camp for college age men/women at the University of Dakar in Senegal, Africa.  One lady on the trip will also be teaching an English as a Second Language class.  We are leaving on July 27th and returning on August 3rd.

Besides your prayers (please), there might be other ways you can help.  We are trying to secure some items to take with us to pass out to the participants/local coaches of the basketball clinic we are putting on.  If you have or have the ability to acquire some of the following items and can get them to me by 7/25 please let me know.

  • T-Shirts (plain or with logos, it does not matter.  if you have access to plain shirts we have someone that is willing to screen print them for free)
  • Athletic shorts (plain or with logos)
  • Basketball jerseys (plain or with logos)
  • Basketballs (deflated, without air)
  • Hand held air pumps
  • Basketball nets (the ones that go on a basketball goal)
  • Head/arm sweatbands (plain or with logos)
  • Coaching whistles

If you think of something else that seems appropriate, please ask as we can probably use it!  Stuff will be nice, but seriously, your prayers are the most important.


2 Tarps + 8 Bottles of Soap = 4th of July Family Fun!

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