Haiti Bound

Just a quick update and to complete the loop on my last post….we leave for Haiti tomorrow to go visit Naomi.  For “we”, insert Sarah, Claire, and me.  Isabella is staying behind…however, “we” are regretting that we didn’t plan for her to come along on this trip as well.

We still don’t know the “right” answer for sure.  What we “know” is that we “feel” like we should be there for Naomi’s birthday (turning 3 on Saturday), loving her as only we can.

What we “feel” challenged to do is live out our faith in His calling to adopt in a very real, public testimony way….by going.  To put our hearts, our safety, our comfort…on the alter just as Abraham did with Isaac.  To learn by the testing of  our faith that God is good.  For “our”, insert Sarah, Claire, Isabella, and me.

Not by sitting back, safely inside, quietly pursuing His calling, not getting to attached, praying that things will “work out”, and if they don’t, oh well, wasn’t God’s will, we must not have understood His call, it’s a good thing we didn’t put ourselves out there because we would have been disappointed, gotten hurt, lost so much.

So….98 degree heat, no AC, no electricity, no hot water, malaria carrying mosquitoes, and all things 3rd world uncomfort……stand aside because we are coming to throw a P.A.R.T.Y!


4 Responses to “Haiti Bound”

  1. I cannot wait to see some photos!! Praying for you guys.

  2. Beth Miletello Says:

    I guess you are already in Haiti. I wish Naomi the Happiest 3rd Birthday! I just want to send my words of encouragement. You are doing a wonderful thing in her life. I am proud of you!

  3. Crystal Lord Says:

    Sooo glad you guys are with Naomi for her birthday! Have fun and give us updates if possible…

  4. Crystal Lord Says:

    Oh and give her lots of hugs from uncle matthew, aunt crystal, cousins noah, eli, and evie…. the boys pray for her every night:)

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