Daddy make it better

Said our goodbyes to Naomi tonight….lots of tears from everyone except Naomi. She could tell something was up and started distancing herself from us….almost like she was mad at us. Self preservation/survival instincts are an amazing thing. We all held our tears until we walked out the door, then Claire lost it, she was crushed, and then reality hit me hard. Sarah somehow held it together and I did too until we started to pray as a family…then I felt just like Claire….crushed and looking to my Daddy to make everything make sense, make it better, make it perfect….because it seemed like my world was crashing in. My Daddy didn’t have the answers I wanted to hear just like I didn’t for Claire. But He was there to listen and remind me that better days are yet to come….that’s all that I could pass on to my daughter as well.

Good times – Time flies. Tough times – Time stands still. Tis the journey that we walk. But I can assure you, God is good and I am grateful for the adventure. Grateful for the chance to live by faith so recklessly that I get to see His miracles played out in my life.

PS. More cheerful updates with pics of Naomi will be coming soon once we return to the states tomorrow. She is beautiful and our time with her was amazing! Still to come…..stories about running out of video camera tape and filling up my camera memory card (and finding out I couldn’t empty it onto my computer) all on the first day…..good times.


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