Orphanage Update – May 2009

From time to time we get general physical/social development updates regarding Naomi from our orphanage.  Below is the last one we got in May.  I am going to start posting these on our blog when we receive them.

May 2009

Height: 35.5 inches

Weight: 29 pounds

This little kiss-able cutie pie loves to sing ALL THE TIME and talks nonstop. She loves to play with blocks, run, swing, and jump on the trampoline. She is always very happy and has the most fun little giggle when tickled or bounced especially high on the trampoline.

Naomi continues to be a sweet and happy little girl. She is engaged with her world and those within it, smiling and laughing. She is not afraid of strangers, but she is appropriately cautious around them. She enjoys attending church and is even part of children’s church where she is well-behaved. Naomi is rarely angry, unkind or disobedient.

Naomi has full control of her bladder and bowels, rarely having an accident. This includes nap and nighttime as well. While she is not excited about laying quietly at nap time, she does sleep everyday.

During our morning play stations Naomi especially enjoys the reading and block stations.  She likes to watch the other children and nannies play with the puzzles and play dough. She is starting to be bolder about experimenting with the play dough herself. When Naomi has free play she enjoys playing with her dolls, last week I found her in the playroom bathing her baby in the sink of the little kitchen. It was beautiful! Will try to catch her again when I have my camera.

Naomi is a good eater, who is always willing to try new food. While she eats her Haitian dinners, she prefers her American lunch. She loves milk, bananas, cookies and mangoes.  Naomi enjoys her baths.

We continue to struggle with Naomi’s skin. She has been treated for scabies and has been given antibiotics as well as creams, but it has not cleared up. All of the children were treated for malaria three weeks ago, and are on a weekly preventive medicine to avoid malaria. Naomi continues to be healthy.

We are currently working through the resurrection eggs with the children at night. They are listening and we are praying that we are planting seeds in their little hearts. We will follow up with an Easter egg hunt on Easter weekend.

I do not have any concerns about Naomi at this time. She is growing and developing well and we thoroughly enjoy her.

One Response to “Orphanage Update – May 2009”

  1. I’ve loved reading about your adoption journey! Praying your daughter can come home soon. I’ve been through that waiting and it’s SO hard!

    I just wanted to let you know that we have more Haiti necklaces available on our Artists For Hope site again. 🙂

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