Viewing Pleasure

2009-09-24 002

2009-09-24 021

2009-09-24 035

2009-09-25 015

2009-09-25 043

2009-09-25 031

2009-09-25 1252009-09-25 096

2009-09-25 126

2009-09-26 048

2009-09-27 008

2009-09-27 009

2009-09-27 010

2009-09-27 029

2009-09-27 039

2009-09-27 044

2 Responses to “Viewing Pleasure”

  1. Crystal Harper Says:

    Jason and Sarah,

    Great pictures! Thanks for sharing. I was expecting to check your blog and hoping to find a few pics from the trip. Wow! Thanks for the abundance of pics. I love the pics of the girls sitting on the floor just hanging out and coloring together. Jason – it is nice to see daddy in some pics with Naomi too. Still praying – for however long until she is home with y’all, Bella, and Claire.

    Troy, Crystal, and Matthew

  2. Crystal Harper Says:

    And tell Claire she looks like she is doing great with settling into her role as new big sis! She is so caring and will be like another little mama to Naomi.

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