Naomi is safe.  Scared and confused I’m sure…her world and life literally shaken to the core today.  But praise God she is alive and in the hands of loved ones.

In the mist of all this I want to thank God for protecting my precious daughter.  I am also thankful for all of our friends and family that have reached out to us during this time to provide words of concern, encouragement, and most importantly, prayers of intercession for our daughter.  Please don’t stop praying.

Information is sketchy and details are very hard to come by but it appears all the kids at the orphanage and all families/missionaries associated with Heartline/Maranatha are safe.  It appears both the girls and boys homes were substantially damaged;  not sure to what degree at this point but I know it is not good.  All the orphanage kids have been moved to a missionary’s house and are sleeping outside tonight because it is unsafe to sleep inside.  Much prayer, physical, and financial support will be needed.

I can’t really describe how helpless I feel.  I would without hesitation give up my world to trade places with my daughter tonight.  This whole adoption journey has tested, and is ultimately tempering, my faith like nothing before.  Here is what I am confident of; my Father is broken for the people of Haiti and I am resting assured that He is holding my sweet Naomi in His arms tonight with a strength and protection far greater than my weakness.

This is a blog intended to chronicle our adoption and I am sure that ultimately this event will prove to be a major hurdle in our journey….but tonight, I ask for your prayers for the fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters in Haiti fighting through yet another life taking/changing catastrophe.

Thank you again for your concerns and prayers.  Please keep praying.

I am posting updates as I get them on twitter….follow me (click the link on upper right of this blog).  Follow my friend @troylivesay who is tweeting wrenching updates from the streets in Port-au-Prince.  Also, I will blog updates when I can.


2 Responses to “Earthquake”

  1. I was devastated when I heard the news….Our prayers are with you and your family. I know that God is watching over Naomi and taking care of her until you can go to her. All Our Love….

  2. Jason – We are praying for Naomi, the rest of your family and the people of Haiti. The McHaul’s were instrumental in the adoption of our son Joshua in 2004. He turns 8 years old today.

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