Update = No Update

No updates all day from our friends in Haiti.  Please continue to pray.  I fear they have lost means of communication.  As I have posted before, Naomi and the rest of her family (other children and nannies) at the orphanage survived the earthquake but last word was they had no water or power and were sleeping outside.

Watching live CNN coverage is paralyzing for Sarah and me; very hard to not be gripped with fear for our daughter.  The chaos in Port-au-Prince is growing…Naomi is in the middle of it.  Please continue to pray.

Pray that the comfort of our savior, Christ Jesus, will surround Naomi.  Pray that a spirit of peace would blanket the city.  Pray for wisdom and provision for our friends and adoption advocates with Heartline/Maranatha.

Pray that God’s people (that’s you and me) will be moved to send support financially and physically.

Click here and make a donation to Heartline Ministries; your financial support will go towards survival and rebuilding efforts that will directly impact my daughter.

If you have another organization like Compassion or WorldVision that you are already involved with…give financially to them.

3 Responses to “Update = No Update”

  1. Lifting you up in prayer.

  2. Jason & Sarah,

    I was just reading through the reports on Haiti and then it hit me with thoughts of your family, Naomi and what y’all must be going through. I went immediately to your site and I am very relieved to know she, and all the kids are ok and my families prayers will be with y’all, the kids and people of Haiti. Please keep us posted and know we will be thinking of you.


  3. Jason,
    Which orphanage is Naomi staying? Is this the same one that Aaron Ivey’s son is staying? Praying for ya’ll. Praying that God uses this as the door to get Naomi home to you. Wendy

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