Update – Naomi Stargazing

Swiped this picture from our friends adoption blog, A Family for Frankie.  Apparently they found it on Facebook….we don’t Facebook so if you find any pictures of Naomi or the children of Maranatha Children’s Home (aka Heartline) during this time of chaos please email them to me.

jason _ hyatt at yahoo dot com (no spaces)

Naomi and friends sleeping outside due to the destruction of their orphanage

By the way, before this earthquake disaster you have never heard me ask for your money for our adoption or for our “cause”, but over the coming days/weeks/months, however long it takes, I will be unashamedly asking for your prayers and FINANCIAL support for Heartline Ministries (click here to donate today).  The money you donate doesn’t go to support our adoption, it goes towards providing life sustaining needs (shelter, food, water)  for the children of Maranatha Children’s Home (including our sweet Naomi).


2 Responses to “Update – Naomi Stargazing”

  1. Mark Wiggins Says:

    We are paying for your family and this situation and following the story as close as we are able. You have been very much on Jennifer’s heart and mind, especially.

    Mark, Jennifer, and Liberty

  2. Chelsey Tlucek Says:

    hookedonhaiti.blogspot.com — Brittany Gilbert, who is living with my parents, has pictures and updates there.

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