Update = Another quake

Got word this morning of another 6.1 earthquake in Haiti.  Also heard from my friend Troy Livesay (who is in Haiti) that all the Maranatha children and Heartline caretakers are safe.

I know you are hearing that children are beginning to come home. PRAISE GOD.  We are confident that Naomie will be coming home soon as well.  DON’T STOP PRAYING.  But right now we know she is safe, along with the rest of the children at our orphanage, so we have all agreed to let children in more dire situations board the planes before our kids.

Because of our groups attempt to live Christlike through all this, maybe Naomie will one day get to tell her story on this webpage: www.iamsecond.com.

2 Responses to “Update = Another quake”

  1. hey guys,
    just wanted to tell you thanks for keeping us updated. i’m checking this thing all the time to see all the great things that are happening around this situation. praying for it to happen..

  2. Brandon and Tamara Says:

    Hello Friends,
    Just wanted to say that we continue to pray for you and naomie every day. We love you and thank God for the amazing work He is doing in your lives.

    Warm Thoughts,
    Brandon and Tamara

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