Update = Nothing to report

No news to report on getting Naomie processed with her Humanitarian Parole and out of the country.  We are trying.  Lots of people are working it.  But it is just chaos at the US Embassy in Haiti right now so it is tough to make everything that needs to happen, happen.

Things to be praying for specifically:

– Order will be established at the Embassy and all adoptive children will start getting processed and safely transported to the US

– Naomie and ALL children from Maranatha Children’s Home get Visas/HP processed soon and safely put on planes headed for US

– The children’s hearts, minds, and souls will be guarded and comforted by our loving God through this all

– The parents will get word of the children’s departure and all will be able to get to their location VERY QUICKLY

– The Maranatha children will only be released to their PARENTS (we have heard of some getting put in foster care)

– This is all so new from the government side…things like custody, finishing adoptions, health care, etc… will all be established with the best interest of these children and adoptive families in mind


3 Responses to “Update = Nothing to report”

  1. Crystal Harper Says:

    Joining w/ y’all in prayer on these specific requests.

  2. Erika Hendricks Spencer Says:

    Just wanted you to know that I’m praying for your family!! Your baby girl is absolutely adorable and I know you’re ready to have her safe at home!!

  3. Misty Seale Says:

    Thinking of yall everyday, and praying for Naomie to come home to her wonderful parents! Love yall

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