Update = This may be hard to understand

This is gonna be quick….

Naomi is NOT on the plane, the kids are coming to Orlando.  I don’t understand.  But that doesn’t really matter.

I will not rest until she is home.  But that doesn’t really matter.

Now to make this a little more complex….we have been keeping you in the dark for the past day on some other major happenings. It has all happened so fast and we will explain when we can.

We have another daughter that did make it on the plane.  Her name is Amalia (pronounced: Amelia).  She is a beautiful 5 month old Haitian girl.

We will be jumping on a private plane in the next hour to go pick Amalia up in Orlando tonight.  We plan on staying in Orlando in anticipation that Naomi will be joining us in the next couple days.

The one I have been loving for 2 years, my 3 year old sweet Naomie, was left in Haiti.  The one I have loved for 2 days, my 5 month old sweet Amalia, will soon be in Orlando.

I do not understand.  But that doesn’t really matter.  There is someone that DOES understand.  That is what matters.

four2six…..four2six….four2six….it is gonna happen.  Please pray for us all.

17 Responses to “Update = This may be hard to understand”

  1. Kim Smith Says:

    Wow! Soooo happy this sweet baby has a home!!! How about that! Love it! We will celebrate with you when Naomie comes home, too!

  2. i am pleading with Him to bring Naomi home.

  3. praying for naomi that she will be in your arms soon enjoy getting to know that new little bundle of joy that the Lord has put in your life can’t wait for all of you to be home. you are truely a testimony to the LOrd

  4. Wonderful news! We are praying, praying, praying——

  5. We are also in limbo with our dear little girl. We don’t understand why she is not home yet. The communication with the director is almost non existant. Talked to a missionary in Haiti just now and he will go check on them in the morning. This is a very hard “Labor”


  6. Love you guys. Praying.

  7. Crystal Harper Says:

    Oh my goodness! Rejoicing and sad at the same time. We will not cease praying for both of your daughters. Praying for safe travel for Amalia and for y’all. Praying for a instant bond. Praying that Amalia is healthy and will adjust quickly. Are y’all prepared for an infant?? Can you give us a list of what you need and I will coordinate getting donations? Didn’t know if y’all kept any baby gear.

  8. Praying for y’all. four2six!!!

  9. Crystal Lord Says:

    Absolutely overwhelmed at the Lord’s Mighty Hand and how He loves His children… read yesterday morning in Psalms about how He loves and watches over the fatherless. He is with Naomie and that’s what matters right now. I am overjoyed about Amalia… 2 new neices… loving it!!! Might be making a quick one day trip to West Monroe soon…

  10. Sarah, Jason, if there is anything at all that I can offer, I will be with your family in a heartbeat.. we will get the word out.. we will bring Naomi home! Please, never hesitate to contact me!

  11. Erin Plunkett Says:

    Praying for a safe trip for you all!!! Please let us know if there is anything ya’ll need. We will continue to pray for Naomi papers, hopefully you will have your family all together soon!

  12. Amazing!! We are praying you will be united with Naomi as well…

  13. Cookie Collie Says:

    Rejoicing with you about Amalia and continuing my prayers for Naomi. I can’t think of two better parents for your four precious little girls.

  14. Amanda Hanegan Says:

    We love you and will be praying for your precious family.

  15. Thank you God for your little ones who is in your arms right now. enjoy loving on her . Praying for naomi to join you quickly love you guys

  16. Just saw your pictures on twitter….what a beautiful baby! Congrats! Still thinking about you as you wait…

  17. Trina Gish Says:

    We are also praying. Your ongoing story is such an inspiration to us, and we’re in awe of the glory God is revealing through your family!

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