Need a ride to Haiti

Our orphanage has requested my assistance in Haiti to help get the rest of our kids out.

I need a seat on an already scheduled relief plane. I can travel anywhere in the US to get on that plane.

I have an official request from Heartline Ministries vouching for their need of my services in Haiti immediately.

Email or call with any leads.

5 Responses to “Need a ride to Haiti”

  1. Following you guys your jamie and Aaron. I did a little research and got a plane donated from Hendrick motor sports and look like they are headed to Haiti over the next couple of days. Here is their phone # 772-462-2395. Know that you will get there. Praying for your guys!

  2. Kim Smith Says:

    Got a reply from Tim Williams… possibility of someone going into Haiti. It’s a long shot, but here’s the guys info. “Palmer Chinchen is a friend of mine from Liberia. They are sending Doctors in so I have sent this email to Palmer to see if Jason could go in with them. Palmer is Senior Pastor at The Grove Church in Chandler, Arizona. Call him or have Jason call if you don’t get a reply to this email. at (480) 388-2127 at his cell to find out if that is a possibility. If that doesn’t work, the next best thing is to probably call NAMB disaster relief line on Monday.”

  3. Kim Smith Says:

    Heard back from Tim’s friend. They aren’t leaving until Thursday. If you haven’t found something by then I think they can help you out. Here’s what he said, We would love to help in any way. Let me know what we can do. We will leave on Thursday, Jan 28th and return on Tuesday, Feb 2nd.
    You can reach me by cell at 479-644-1117.”

    John Caubble

  4. Kim Smith Says:

    I wasn’t clear in the last reply…these guys are 2 different people. Both know Tim Williams. First guy, Palmer, is a pastor in Chandler, Arizona…. if you want to call him.

    2nd guy, John Caubble, is on staff at FBC Rogers, Arkansas. They are leaving for sure for Haiti on Thursday & seem to be willing to take you with them if you are still waiting.

    I’m going to try to stop leaving you replies. LOL! And I hope you already have a plan to go today or tomorrow. But just in case these are some extra options. Love you guys! Kim

  5. Jason, if you can go with Palmer, that would be great. I know him from when I lived in Malawi. I have a friend whose husband is leaving tonight to go to Haiti with Palmer, so I know they are definitely leaving tonight. They are in the Phoenix area. Hope it works out for you! We are praying!

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