Plane to Haiti – Update

I think I am confirmed for Tuesday morning. Thanks everyone…so amazing how God’s people have responded.

Have heard they are shutting the embassy down tomorrow so getting in Tuesday morning is probably my best move.

Will give more details on the mission soon. Getting on plane to bring Amalia home very soon.


2 Responses to “Plane to Haiti – Update”

  1. Kelly Hammett Howard Says:

    Jason – – you may or may not remember me…… friend’s with your Mom from our days at Cheniere Baptist Church. I have a friend, Michael, who just returned from Haiti today. He has a pilot who is going to Port au Prince out of Ft. Lauderdale every day. Michael has been to the Embassey, helped get kids to their parents, etc. for the last few days. Has a great contact at the Embassy. Give me a call if you are interested in talking with Michael.
    Praying for you all!

  2. Crystal Harper Says:

    What time do you expect to fly in? I have baby stuff from here, there, and yon accumulating for y’all. I am headed to Walmart to get some bottles, paci’s, diapers, etc. I have enough things to get y’all covered for this weekend. More coming to church tomorrow! I will call Mrs. Tina to see about bringing stuff to her if y’all won’t be in til late. Or, I can put things in rubbermaid tubs on the porch. Just let me know. So thrilled for you! At five now and I know six soon!

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