Viewing Pleasure

This is a picture from when we first got to Naomi at the Immigration and DHS holding area:

This is what Amelia is doing most of the time:

10 Responses to “Viewing Pleasure”

  1. they are both so beautiful! i have fallen in love with all FOUR of your kiddos 🙂 i got a chance to meet claire and bella at the airport on tuesday… they have sweet spirits TOO! praying for your family… LOVE!

  2. She is beautiful…You guys are so blessed to have 4 beautiful girls.

  3. Love the pictures…but had to laugh at the sign on the wall behind you, Naomie & Sarah….no photographs…lol. Wendy

  4. jessica bremer Says:

    Jason, saw your tweet but don’t know how to contact you other than here. A close family friend is in Haiti right now with a group of missionaries. He works with devastation all across the world and has contacts in the embassies. I don’t know if he can help the Parkers but I’m sure he can try and he is there. I can get you his email and contact info if you think it will help. Won’t hurt at least. Email me and Ill get you his info.

  5. Cookie Collie Says:

    Just looking at the photos – love abounds. Jason and Sarah, you were made to be loving parents and I look forward to watching your precious family (and extended Lord & Hyatt family members) as you bond and continue to follow God’s leadership in your lives. Love you

  6. Oh, they are too cute!!!

  7. These pictures make me so happy to see!

  8. Blessings abound! Beautiful smiles!

  9. Robyn van Eck Says:

    Praise GOD!!!!! We’ve been praying for you guys these past few months and checking in every once in awhile (and a whole lot the past couple weeks, of course :). We are SO excited to see BOTH your girls home safe with you!!!! We can’t wait to meet them! Now, the fun part!!!!

  10. Dan & Michelle Apgar Says:

    We rejoice with you guys at what God has done! He is so faithful!! To Him be the glory for this, yet another, great thing He has done! Love and miss you all!

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