Homecoming footage + TV Again Tonight

Brittney Johnson with NBC (KTVE 10/KARD 14) was over at the house again today shooting a follow-up to the story they have been running on us.  I will be shocked if they get more than 20 seconds of usable footage because of the 4 girls reeking havoc during the interview.  I will post the link once they put it online.

Here is the link to the homecoming at the airport the other night:



One Response to “Homecoming footage + TV Again Tonight”

  1. We are so happy for you guys that you were able to get your girls. I have been reading about another couple in Texas who are still trying to get their son out of Haiti. The husband is at the embassy with him, but Unicef has stepped in and slowed down the process of getting the orphans out. If you know the Iveys, I believe their little boy Amos was with this little boy in the orphanage, but all the other orphans got to come to their families and this one little boy Romel was left there.
    Here is the blog that is telling the story as it happens-

    Thought you might like to read about it if you haven’t already.
    Take Care!

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