Next Step

Looks like USCIS has finally put forth some guidelines for all of us adoptive parents that recently brought children home from Haiti under Humanitarian Parole.  The short of it appears that we pursue a domestic adoption in our state of residence, then file for Petition of Alien Relative after two years.

Being that this will all be outside the “norm”, it should be an interesting journey through the caverns of the legal system, a journey for which I am definitely not prepared, but absolutely blessed to get the chance to walk….because it means that my children are home!  So while I will probably get discouraged from time to time, might even complain, just ignore me….because I definately know it is all worth while.

So does anyone reading this know a good (insert honest and talented) adoption lawyer in the north Louisiana area?  Actually, I am not even sure they have to be in north Louisiana, as long as they are licensed to do adoption cases in Louisiana and are willing to help us get through all this.  And come to think of it, that honest part is probably less of a requirement than the talented part…we are talking about lawyers right?

Oh and by the way…the girls are doing great.

Amelia has to be the greatest 6 month old baby on the face of the earth….seriously.  She NEVER cries, ALWAYS smiles, and takes several naps a day in addition to sleeping from 8:30pm to 8:30am.  Ok, the only thing that would make her a better baby would be if she would actually change her own diaper and fix her own bottles.  Just those two things.

Naomi is adjusting very good as well.  She LOVES her Momma, big sister Claire, and little sister Amelia; she tolerates her Daddy/Poppa and bigger sister Bella.  Actually her and Bella are little partners in crime, either up to no good and perfectly aligned or playing nicely and misaligned.

I realize I owe you all some updates and pictures.  I will get those up soon.

Let me know about that adoption lawyer if you have any connections.


3 Responses to “Next Step”

  1. We adopted Jafta at six months and he was the same way! It’s such an easy and cute age. After him, I was wishing my bio kids came out at six months old! 🙂

  2. Hi! I used to live in West Monroe for about 10 years and now live in Lafayette. If Terri Hoover Odom (used to be Debnam) is still there, she would be great. She’s a Christian and well known in town and specializes in adoptions. Her office is/was at the corner of North 7th and Mill St. (or Stella…can’t ever remember which one is which…whichever one is the one that goes from West Monroe into Monroe.) Web site is Good luck!

  3. I used to work in the court system with abused and neglected children and children who are freed for adoption. I have heard nothing but good about Terri Odom. Her office is still off of Mill Street in West Monroe! Hope that helps! Your girls are precious!! So excited for yall!! I also helped found the Heart Gallery of Northeast Louisiana which features children in our area who are freed for adoption. It would be awesome to have yall share your story of adoption at one of our gallery openings. Let me know if your interested!!

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