About Sarah

Sarah Hyatt

I am Sarah.  A 29 yr old wife and mother that is totally in love with her family.  I have an incredible life with my husband of 9 years.  I am unbelievably blessed to be his!  My two beautiful red headed girls make everyday exciting and new.  And my sweet Naomi in Haiti, I love her beautiful heart and smile.  I love being their mommy!  We hope that through this blog you can join us as we prepare to become a family of 6, and follow this amazing journey that God has set before us!  I pray that you see our family not only grow in number, but continually growing to become more like Christ.


9 Responses to “About Sarah”

  1. Sarah,
    Enjoy reading your blogs but would Would love to see some comments from you also on “Four2six.” I am sure others would too!


  2. Jennifer Wiggins Says:

    Merry Christmas!!
    So good to catch up on your family. It seems like y’all have been gone for a year!! We do miss you but we know you are on a great “life” mission!!

    It is an honor to know your family and to pray for the requests you have made known.

    We love you,
    The Wiggins Family
    Jennifer, Mark & Liberty

  3. Sarah this is some information that was posted on Haiti Children’s Home yahoo group. Keep the faith, the Lord will work things out.

    Updates….January 16, 2009
    President Preval – Pardon for Biological Children:

    On Thursday, January 15, 2009, President Preval had a meeting with the new IBESR director regarding the issue of families who have biological children who want to adopt in Haiti. President Preval told the IBESR director that the families should be able to adopt in Haiti even if these families have biological children. Good News for many children in Haiti and for those families who want to adopt them!

  4. Sarah-what is your email address? Just wanted to have your contact info the next time we are in WM. You can just send it to my email, dancemntn@yahoo.com.
    Luv u guys, praying for this next step to happen!
    Kim, Jeff, and Parks Harrison

  5. You are so beautiful…I love you!

  6. Tiffany Dierker Olmstead Says:

    Sarah, I have found this info from your brother’s facebook. I am so excited for you and your family. What a wonderful blessing!

  7. Kim Hatchett McCarty Says:

    Hi Sarah, I saw on Amanda’s facebook page that Naomi was coming home!! How exciting for all of you! I am so amazed how things that are meant to be always seem to work out.

  8. Leisa Cox Hill Says:

    Sarah!! I just saw some pics on Facebook yesterday of you and your daughter and I have thought about your family’s journey pretty much non stop. What an amazing blessing from God!! This entire process seems unbelievable and as if its from a movie or something! I can’t tell you enough how extremely happy I am for you and your family!! I will keep you all in my prayers!

  9. I am truly blessed that I was given the opportunity to come into contact with you and your family. I sincerely appreciate you allowing me the privilege of hearing your story and knowing more about your journey. Your family is absolutely gorgeous!!! Your haitian princesses definitely lucked out being joined with Claire and Bella. (i wish they were my sisters, lets switch) I pray God gives you the strength and blessings you will need to continue on doing a FABULOUS job!!!! Anything I can do….please don’t hesitate. Except once they start dating….not available, you may have to call the Marines, because Jason and his army will not be able to handle that battle (BELLA and NAOMI=DOUBLE TROUBLE 😉 !!! K.I.T -Sonja

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