About Jason

Jason Hyatt

My name is Jason. I am a 32 year old father of 2, soon to be 4. I am one half of a beautiful marriage to my life love Sarah. I would rather fish than eat, although I do much more of the latter.  But don’t confuse that with fishing to eat….because I would starve it that was the case.  Jesus Christ provides my life mission; of which I struggle daily to follow.  This blog is to chronicle our adoption from Haiti and the life journey that God is leading our family on.  A journey being shaped by our desire to live and love like Jesus did.  To be passionate about the things that Jesus was passionate about.


5 Responses to “About Jason”

  1. cindy fretwell mclain Says:

    jason and sarah, i am so impressed with both of your spiritual journeys, but so not surprised. i love you guys and can’t wait to read the REST of the story. sarah, your girls are so beautiful and i see you in their faces. i love the red hair too! naomi is already blessed to have you guys entering into her life.

  2. One more thing… I can’t tell you how much I love reading your story from the beginning of January. What is most amazing to me is that while the Haitian government decided to go old school with adoption laws & therefore left you guys ineligible, you testified of God’s calling & continued. I’m sure in the middle of all this you realize how big this is. With human eyes there is no way you guys should be able to bring Naomi home. But I do believe God is going to bless that unwavering faith & she is going to be on her way to the dirty South soon. Love it!!!!

  3. Jason,

    My name is David Adams and I have been texting your wife the last couple of days. Your daughter knows Courtney and we live in Plano.

    Can you give me an email address as I have a couple of questions for you.



  4. Will Norvell Says:

    Hey Jason. I found your blog/twitter through some connections on all the Haiti stuff. I’m the new contemporary worship pastor at First West. Based on what I’ve read and seen on here, we’d love to meet you guys. We have some mutual connections, and obviously some mutual interests. We’re praying through some adoption stuff right now ourselves, and think that connecting with you would be a really cool thing.

    Shoot me an email if you get a chance, and let’s see about somehow getting together.

    God bless you guys. We’re excited about the possibility of a future friendship.

  5. Jason and Sarah, we just moved to Monroe at the beginning of the year and our youngest three children are from Haiti. I spoke with Sarah’s mom when you were in the middle of getting your girls home. We would love to get together with you. My daughter spent time at Heartline in August and was so excited to hear that Naomi was coming to this area! Please email me at dmdownard @ live.com . Look forward to talking with you!

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