Viewing Pleasure

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This is a picture from when we first got to Naomi at the Immigration and DHS holding area:

This is what Amelia is doing most of the time:


Coming Home

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We are at the Orlando airport getting ready to start heaing home. Our flight from DFW to MLU is flight 3508 getting in at 8:15pm.

We would love to see you there. Amelia will be there as well! No hugs for our overwhelmed Naomi but we would love your presence to celebrate their homecoming. Naomi is not ready for your hugs yet, but we will definitely take them.

Here we are

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It has been impossible to try and update our blog with everything moving so fast….follow my twitter updates as that has proven to be the easiest way to keep everyone up to speed.  Well actually, so much GOD stuff has happened, it is really impossible for me to remain up to speed.

We are at a hotel in Orlando sleeping.  We are ALL so tired.  Just sit and think for a moment what Naomi’s life might have been like for the past two weeks….heck, even the last 48 hours for her could stress a grown man into going postal.

Anyway, she basically zoned out in her car seat before we were even out of the airport.  She fell asleep in a matter of minutes.

I got about an hour nap….still feel like I have been hit by a train but my stress level has dropped 1,000,000,000% .

The family that lived in Haiti and ran Naomi’s orphanage is here in Orlando, so we are going to take her over to visit them for a few minutes tonight.

We haven’t eaten yet today, so that will hopefully appear on the agenda at some point.

I am praying that I can remember at least half of the events that have taken place over the past 2 weeks….God showed up and did some AMAZING things that nobody can claim.  I told Sarah, if we don’t come out the other side of this with faith that can move mountains, we have missed it.  I’m telling you, our God is sovereign.

Now my soul can rest

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Plane to Haiti – Update

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I think I am confirmed for Tuesday morning. Thanks everyone…so amazing how God’s people have responded.

Have heard they are shutting the embassy down tomorrow so getting in Tuesday morning is probably my best move.

Will give more details on the mission soon. Getting on plane to bring Amalia home very soon.

Need a ride to Haiti

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Our orphanage has requested my assistance in Haiti to help get the rest of our kids out.

I need a seat on an already scheduled relief plane. I can travel anywhere in the US to get on that plane.

I have an official request from Heartline Ministries vouching for their need of my services in Haiti immediately.

Email or call with any leads.

Update = This may be hard to understand

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This is gonna be quick….

Naomi is NOT on the plane, the kids are coming to Orlando.  I don’t understand.  But that doesn’t really matter.

I will not rest until she is home.  But that doesn’t really matter.

Now to make this a little more complex….we have been keeping you in the dark for the past day on some other major happenings. It has all happened so fast and we will explain when we can.

We have another daughter that did make it on the plane.  Her name is Amalia (pronounced: Amelia).  She is a beautiful 5 month old Haitian girl.

We will be jumping on a private plane in the next hour to go pick Amalia up in Orlando tonight.  We plan on staying in Orlando in anticipation that Naomi will be joining us in the next couple days.

The one I have been loving for 2 years, my 3 year old sweet Naomie, was left in Haiti.  The one I have loved for 2 days, my 5 month old sweet Amalia, will soon be in Orlando.

I do not understand.  But that doesn’t really matter.  There is someone that DOES understand.  That is what matters.

four2six…..four2six….four2six….it is gonna happen.  Please pray for us all.